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First assignment

Here is the short introduction video that was uploaded to Vimeo. As an instructional designer and faculty support freelancer, video for both story telling and to provide content and examples in instruction is crucial. Without video in my toolbox I would be less than professional. Using Spark Post for this learning journal is a good choice.

First Video Assignment

Make a 15 second video about a color

The color, green, led me to the very common and probably overused Jim Henson song, It's Not Easy Being Green. Since I was only using less than 15 seconds, I could find creative commons versions of the song. Finding photos in was easy. I enhanced several in Photoshop.

First photo chosen, lots of choice

I knew I had too many photos, so decided to go with the theme which led me to present the photos from common green items to the uncommon. But then the 15 seconds restriction on video length came into play and I had to eliminate the most common green things so that the music and photos told the story.

Well, I used Photoshop easily and found that when I went back to tweak the photos in Photoshop, that the latest version came seamlessly into the video I was creating in Premier, quite a time saver. At first encoding gave me a problem until I found a setting that needed changing.

I might be faulted for choosing a kitschy theme, but green is my favorite color.

Next Assignment, make a thematic video from other video clips, Nor more than 20 seconds long

My thematic video, 20 seonds

I am trying to become better at using water colour so it was on my mind. Found some video on artistic painting on the pexels site and then had some ads from Windsor and Newton that were editable for the rest. Added some rain sounds and sharable music. It was a fun assignment. Liked putting in the transitions. Also it was easy to completely rearrange the film segments that were taken from the full clips. Enjoy! Looking forward to what comes next and just signed up for the Train the Trainer course.

Shot Reverse Shot

Another fun assignment that I thought would be more difficult than it was. Used the clips provided and tried to be a little different. Set the scene, two bored people who look like twins, telling a knock, knock joke that is a play on deja vu. Ends with a replay of one of the first scenes ("already seen"). I added some transitions. Thought about coloring to change mood but decided to keep it simple. This might seem too simple, but for me it is a lot of progress as video has always frightened me.

Action Scenes Coming up Next.

Going for a walk video

So everyone in class had to watch the same video clips. They were sooooo boring. A guy is grabbing his keys, unlocking his front door and leaving. Well some of the guys expressions were not as boring as other parts, but really. And it was limited to 20 seconds. If you knew how to shoot your own scenes, you had the option to do that. I am not quite at the level. So I used the clips, made some color changes, added a thunder storm and the guy leaves but comes right back in. What did I learn? Boring is part of the process. Film clips can be reordered. Add ins are pretty easy in Adobe premier because of the layers. Choosing just some parts of the clips might make them less boring. Also the film clip can take on a different meaning if color editing is applied and different sound effects.

Just one more video for this course. Thinking I have some footage I might use.

Instructional Video

This assignment took much longer and caused some frustration before I finished. I have made instructional videos in the past, using imovie. And I have recorded Connect sessions for students. What I learned in this Premier assignment is to brand my video, combine products, smoothly integrate and intrigue the viewers. I had some problems with the new graphics templates in Premier but then I found the downloaded instructions in Creative Cloud. I could not get the Premier voice over to work properly so I recorded my script in Audition and the sound was good. Also it ported the sound file right to Premier. I am in line for a faculty development position with a university in Pachuco, Hildago, Mexico and hope to transfer many of the skills I learned here. The content was recorded off my computer screen with Quick Time. It would not record my voice just the slides and I could have worked longer to get the timing right with the Audition recording. Even though it ends abuptly, it does give one an idea of what a history course could look like.


All photos are mine and contain original water colors.

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