Video Game Design 1 by: kenneth drew

constraint is the act of being unhappy or mad so in order too make a good video game everyone needs to cooperate and work together also too make sure everyone is happy with their role in the developement of the game.

Its important for writers to communicate effectively because they need each other because not one man can make a video it takes a whole team to make something no matter what it is

for one of my story boards is where pac man is talking to the ghost and the ghost say well nice talking to you but u should really start running because the game is starting

a gantt chart is used for organization of different types of jobs to make a video game great and to see how long it takes for each job in hours weeks or even months.

what we need to write everyday is three different types of notes which is the key notes is the most important of them all,then after that is the general notes and after that is the summary of it all.

the difference between proprietary and license games is that proprietary games are owned by one single console or company and to where license games are sold worldwide to console not exclusiv.

adding the submarine was easy to add to the grid

adding the circle to the grid and submarine was a little difficult to line up but i got it eventually

adding the periscope was really tricky but i eventually got it as well

the flashlight model is hard to make but first u make a circle the drag it to 10 spots for the base of the flashlight

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Kenneth Drew


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