Of mice and men By:brianna gutierreZ

Lennie smalls

  • Huge man
  • Describe like a animal
  • Loss of memory
  • Get in to trouble
  • Losses jods
  • Like a small child
  • Accidentally kills small things

Lennie small dream is to have his own farm with rabbits and other animals to take care of.

Quotes:"I ain't going to say anything" "I didn't wanta hurt him" "he ain't gonna let me tend no rabbits"


  • The main character
  • Small man
  • Travel and cares for lennie
  • Has a lot of dreams
  • He makes people feel bad about there self
  • Always talks about how easy life would be with lennie
  • Talks about the future a lot

Goerge dream was to live in a small house and have animal,money and crops so that other people can work for them

Quotes: " I can get along so easy if I didn't have you on my tail" "we have someone to talk to that give a damn about us"


  • He has one hand
  • Had a old dog
  • Lost his money
  • Old
  • Clean the swamp as a job
  • Lost most of his life working on someone else farm

Candys didn't have any dreams because he know they would never happened

Quotes:"I had him since a pup" "I ain't got no family or nothing"


  • He got crook as a name after getting kick in the back by a horses
  • the only African American at the ranch
  • Live by hiMself
  • Cares for the horses
  • Big dreams
  • Lonely
  • No one want to be his friend

Crooks dream is to have he's own house and to be treated as equal as everyone else

Quotes: "A guy goes nut if he got nobody" " if I say something ,hey it's just a nigga saying it"


  • Lay down the rules on the ranch
  • He is married
  • Don't like Linnie
  • Always wear a glove on his left hand
  • Always Looking for he's wife
  • Bosses son
  • Evel character

Curlys dream is to be big and a important man,he dreams to be the man's of men

Quotes: "have you seen my wife"

Cruly wife

  • Lonely
  • Married
  • Has a eye for everyone
  • Always looking for curly
  • Wear red most of the time
  • Most of the guys look at her
  • Makes her husband jealous

Cruly wife dream before getting married to cruly was to be a actress and have nice clothes

Quotes: "Have you seen cruly"


  • Linnie got a pup for slim
  • Slim always with cruly wife
  • Has lots of hair
  • Super cool of the ranchh
  • Only character that has peace with himself
  • A highly skilled mule driver

Slim never said he's dream in the story

Quotes: "there aren't that much guys traveling around together. I don't know why. Maybe because everyone in this damn world is scared of each other"

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