"Through my eyes":A Quarterbacks journey By:Tim Tebow

"They were obviously biased in my favor and were two of my biggest supporters." (pg.3)

Based upon the context clues, the word "biased" means having or showing prejudice.

"As the ceremony unfolded, my head was hurting more and more, and I was feeling nauseated." (pg.3)

Based on the context clues "nauseated" means to cause or feel a stomach ache.

"Her strongest recollection of those moments, which must have been overwhelming for her, was an unexpected and indescribable peace." (pg.5)

Based on the context clues "indescribable" means too extraordinary for description.

"My dad always tells us that faith is like a muscle." (pg.7)

Based on the context clues "faith" means confidence or trust in a person or thing.

"It didn't matter if it was monopoly or chess inside with my sisters or baseball or basketball outside with my brothers-or if I was only four and the rest of them were far to old." (pg.7-8)

based on the context clues "monopoly" means exclusive control of a commodity.

"Then again, he was eight at the time and maybe not the best and most unbiased source of information for keeping the records." (pg.9)

Based on the context clues "unbiased" means not biased or prejudiced.

"Here was the rule: We were forbidden from talking about our own accomplishments." (pg.12)

Based on the context clues "forbidden" means a past forbided.

"Right or wrong, I blamed myself for the lose. I'd let everybody down." (pg.106)

Based on the context clues "blamed" means confounded.


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