Discovering music on a fall day 24 September 2016

September 24, 2016. BOSTON, MA. On the first Saturday morning of Fall, children and family walk slowly around Boston Common, the main public park of Boston. Many of them are attracted by the sound of a violin. It’s the violin of Scott, that sitting on a bench with three small violins of different sizes at his feet, encourages children to try playing with his instruments.
September 24, 2016. BOSTON, MA. A young girl wearing the colors of Halloween is amazed by the instrument and tries to use the bow with the help of Scott. He has been playing violin for many years, especially on Boston Common, as a street musician. “At one point I realized that children were the ones most attracted by my music. So, I started to bring with me these small violins. This is the way to let them, and their parents too, discover and approach music in a simple way”.
September 24, 2016. BOSTON, MA. In his bag some old memories are hidden and proudly conserved. Scott tells that playing on the street allows him to meet people from all over the world. Scott says that “I have been photographed so many times! Once I even met a 90-years old man from China. He had a pair of big scissor, and he could do with them amazing silhouette-portrays on paperboard. I wish I could have helped him having an exhibition of his art in one museum!”. Photo by Silvia Mazzocchin
September 24, 2016. BOSTON, MA. A small child and his father let their surprise and amusement burst out in a spontaneous laugh. Around Scott, it is easy to find a continuous flow of people. There are old people that talk with him, others that sit on a bench to be enchanted for a while by his music, children that look at him with wide-open and surprised eyes, students that draw him on their sketches, and especially, parents and children smiling. “A mother told me that after a trip with her children thorough the country, giving them all kind of possibilities of entertainment, the only thing the children kept talking about was when they were playing violins with me” tells Scott.
September 24, 2016. BOSTON, MA. It is already noon in the park, and Scoot starts to put back in his bag the violins and some small paper Yo-Yos that he gives to the children after playing with his instruments. “I don’t even do it anymore for money, it’s just because it’s fun” he says. “Now the cold season is approaching, so probably this is one of the last day for me to play in the park for this year”.


Silvia Mazzocchin


Silvia Mazzocchin

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