Future (College) BY: Tristin Warner


I'm Tristin Warner and I like to work with my dad and he does Construction. My dad went to college for construction management. It really helped him a lot. When we first moved here he was a manager. He did not like it, because he did not to get to build anything. That is why he went to college so he could build these extravagant buildings. So then he quit and formed Zack Warner Construction.

If I could go to college anywhere I would still go to RCC because I feel like hey teach courses that pertain to the real world. You can get your CDL, or you can get a licsense in construction or what ever you want to do. If you believe in something than you can do it.

This is the logo of where I would go to school. I don't need to go to some fancy school to learn construction.


In the near future I see myself in business management classes at RCC. So that way I can help improve my dad's business. The ultimate goal is to make a decent amount of money and build quality homes in Southern Oregon. Then as soon as I get out of college then I can get straight back into work.


With going to RCC you can fill out applications for scholarships and get money to go to school. You can also just pay for it all right out of your own pocket. If you go on the RCC website it will tell you all the information you need to know about how to pay and get scholarships.


The reason that I'm perusing this path is because last year I really got into and learning and paying attention to what my dad does. You know every day my dad gets home I tell him how the job went today. We talk about what we could have done better and what mistake we could have avoided. During the day I get yelled at a lot also. Don't get me wrong some days are not fun, but when you are working and its Friday and you get to take home a paycheck and also you had a pretty fun day full of jokes and laughter. That's what makes me want to get up at 5:45 every morning. Also working hard and getting a good paycheck and to say that I earned this money doing some back breaking work.

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