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American Values and Beliefs - The Americans before the war were very open and excepting of all that were around them and for the most part culturally diverse except for the slight indecency of racism. Although once the war started they became very decrepit towards those who were of the Asian ethnicity and even more so towards those of any ethnicity. And this trend continued till the end of the war and then the end of the war sparked something that will be remembered for all of American history. This sparked the most racially segregated time and the most hateful time. Thankfully in now a days time the Americans have become more culturally accepting and more diverse thanks to all the movements weve had.


Tactics - The Vietnamese were best known for the guerrilla warfare and the surprise attacks they set with booby traps and napalm giving the Americans a run for their money. It was one of the most difficult wars the Americans had ever fought because they never knew what was coming due to the dense vegetation and secret underground bunkers held by the Vietnamese. It was also very difficult for the Americans due to the fact that the Vietnamese were much better tacticians and it mattered not the firepower the Americans had because the Vietnamese would simply outsmart them.


American Homefront - This was definitely one of the most controversial times in American history at home because the Vietnam war was definitely subjective. Millions of American troops died in vein and in any war that the Americans have been in, this would have been acceptable. But because we didn't win the war and in fact lost it in exceptional fashion, many had stopped believing in the purpose. This had devolved into a time of vicious conflict as well because people were so passionate about stopping this outrageous pursuit. These people were called doves and wanted nothing to do with it so they went straight to the media attempting to convey their message to the nation.


American Music - During this time of controversy and conflict, many people looked to music to help them. Some of the most popular songs created were "Give Peace a Chance" and "Goodnight Saigon" in which captivated the feelings and emotions of the soldiers on the battlefield and showed America the true side of the war that hadn't been previously seen. This was also how many of the solders coped with the war as it was a very demoralizing time and created a sort of an escape for them. Many direct sources from soldiers themselves actually say that if it weren't for the music they listened to, they would have taken their own lives. Music was probably one of the most powerful weapons during this time as it saved more lives than anything else.


Protests - Its easy to say that this was one of the best times in American history to express your freedom of speech due to the fact that it was impossible not to have an opinion about the war. There were so many different sides to the war due to the fact that there were many incredulous decisions being made and this caused a lot of widespread chaos thus inducing the uprising of protests. And much of this was sparked by the media causing a plethora of issues for the public including the causation of several killings due to intense.


Propaganda - The Americans used propaganda a lot during the Vietnam war as it was so controversial and many were starting to lose faith in the cause. It was used mainly to anger the American people to get them more involved in the war thus aiding with things such as support and war bonds. And because of this support that the American forces gained they were able to last a little longer in the war. This was also used to bring the war to an end because the Americans soon found out that the answer was not to fight the war because we were losing so many troops and we eventually pulled out signalling the success of the propaganda


Media - The media was possibly what won and or lost the war. They were inevitably the deciding factor to who was going to come out on top and they were the ones who influenced the public. This was actually the cause for all of the above and soon to come because the media was possibly one of the most dangerous weapons in the war and made created a lot of the biases that were in the air.


American Economics - The Vietnam was one of the worst investments the American economy has ever seen due to the fact that first of all we lost and then on top of that we had to take loans out in order to pay for the war. The American industry was already dying and then we had to pay for a war and that completely messed up our economy.


American Government - The American government was very veracious during this time and can realistically be compared to that of the one now especially with trump in office. Many decisions that were made were rushed and were not well thought out. Such as the continual deployment of troops into a losing war and the inability to make sound decisions without putting more lives at risk. This inevitably also caused a lot of tension between the two political parties.


The American Draft - With tensions rising and a need for a large army, the United States government enacted the draft which forced any 18 year old and up male to join the military so they could be deployed oversees. That unless you were in college in which you were able to avoid the responsibility.


American Family Roles - The typical American family consisted of many different dynamics. The father was almost always sent out to war due to the draft and of course if he was injured he would be helping out the family at home. The son followed suit if he was of age and not going to college. The daughter would be the one to do all the chores due to the fact that the mom would be at the factories making weapons and other things of that sort.


Re-Integration Into Society - One of the hardest things of a war isn't always on the battlefield, but instead off. This is the time when the soldiers have to learn how to reintegrate back into the society norms. This includes trying to find a job and a place to live since they cant live in the barracks anymore. They also have to worry about the family, kids, or wife that they left and came back to.


Purpose - The U.S. government viewed its involvement in the war as a way to prevent a communist takeover of South Vietnam. This was part of the domino theory of a wider containment policy, with the stated aim of stopping the spread of communism worldwide.


Race Equality - There was a lot of racial tension at the end of the war due to the fact that the Americans had lost to the Vietnamese of course there were no friendly relations there. Thankfully due to racial equality movements there was a quick halt to all of that. There were many bills that passes through congress that enabled more equal rights to be had.

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