Tech Tuesday - Great Tech Tidbits Edition # 7 - 4/11/17

Hey everyone! Tech Tuesday - Great Tech Tidbits, Edition # 7.

The First Two Important Tech Tidbits This Week!

Your Google Account! What a perfect time just before break to take a look at where you are, in the daily use of your BASD Google account. I'll break it down into two steps, 1) Google Mail, and 2) Your Google Drive Files.

Step # 1a: The basics of Google Mail to get you rolling along!

GMail Part 1: Learn how to navigate to your Gmail page (using the Chrome Browser), configure your inbox, look at some settings, and make labels, delete mail you don't need, and send emails directly to your Google Calendar!

Step # 1b: Transferring your old saved BASD mail and folders from the Apple Mail App (the postage stamp)

GMail Part 2: Only for those still using the Apple Mail App (the postage stamp). In this video, you will learn how to move your original Apple (Postage Stamp) App mail folders & mail to your Google Mail account.

Step # 2: Your files that need to be moved to your Google Drive

Your files on your Mac: Basic and simple you have a lot of files on your Mac computer that need to be saved up into the cloud. To do this we need to get them in order. Please follow the steps below to complete this process.

Part 1: Organize! While this might be a daunting task, the first step you should complete is to Look through all your files on your Mac computer and delete/trash any file you have made or saved that you are not ever going to use again. In doing this, also organize your files in separate folders (and or within folders) either on your Desktop or in your Documents folder. Throw out what you don't need and keep what you do need.

** School related photos... if you come across school related photos you want to save, please isolate them in an organized folder, labeled accordingly.

** Movie and Music files types will be looked at in another lesson, but please also organize these too in folders.

Part 2: File Types: The below files types can be copied to your Google Drive folder easily after they are organized on your Mac.

Microsoft Word

Excel Spread Sheets

PowerPoint Presentations


.png, .gif, .jpeg are image files, they go in the Photos folders you are making

.mov, .mp4, .mp3,

** Pages, Sheets, and Keynote files will need to be converted and then organized. The below video will be helpful to see how this process is done.o you will learn how to organize your files on your Mac into folders, delete files you don't need or use, convert Pages, Sheets, and Keynote files into Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files, isolate pictures for later use, and then drag all of these files into you Google Account, and then use these files solely in your cloud Google Account.

This video shows you how to convert Pages files to Word files. Once you convert them, review the information about and organize them. Then move to the last video to learn how to drag them into your Google account.

Part 3: Dragging your organized and converted files to your Google Account.

Watch this video to see how to simply prepare your Google Drive Account and drag up the organized folders directly to you Google Drive.

Just a reminder!

Reminder Again! Please use my new scheduling link here to contact me about integration technology with you and/or your class. Click the link, fill out some fields, pick a time, submit it! -

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