3D Modeling Robot Toy

Robot Model in 4 Perspectives

The toy I’m designing is a small robot companion with bright colors, buttons on his chest and movable parts. I think the robot toy will be good for young children as a potential small playmate to get their imaginations running. The buttons on his chest, the bright colors, and the look of the small toy will give kids something to do with their hands which in turn should help improve cognitive function, and hand-eye coordination.

Surface Area: 4,948.51

Volume: 9,385.70

Center of Mass: -6.822, -3.153, 19.461


X: 18.864

Y: 34.308

Z: 48.995

Primitives- Box (Rectangle) Place all basic shapes including head, legs, arms, feet, and body.

Select all items and attach them to one another. Then, convert all objects to editable polygons.

Select the polygons of the feet and bridge them to the correct polygons of the legs, vice versa with head and body, legs and body, and body and arms.

Next, select the polygons for the face and chest and extrude them down. Once extruded down, select grow on the face pieces to widen the area. Next, select bevel to arch the sides in.

Select one polygon at the top of the head and extrude it up for the antennae. Create another primitive (Sphere) move it to the top of the antennae and attach the bottom polygons of the sphere to the top polygon of the antennae.

Next, select 5 pieces inside the collapsed chest for the robots “Buttons” and extrude them forward but not past the edge of the chest.

Choose edges and select the edge of the face that you wish to be the nose and use the move tool to bring it forward.

Then select which sections of color need to be grey, red, and yellow. Select each section and choose section ID and give each section a different number. Bring up the material editor, select 3 standards and edit the colors. Choose a color and drag it to a certain section to change the color of the objects in that ID.

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