Glofish There lit

Glofish where originally made by researchers in Singapore to detect pollutants in water. The patent was bought by Yorktown Technologies and put on the market in 2003 for consumers. They're purpose is the same as any goldfish in truth.

Glofish get their glow from a bioluminescent chemical in their skin. Yorktown technologies haven't follow confirmed the organism they used to make this trait.

Pros and Cons of GMOs:

The bright side of GMOs is that crops could be resistant to drought and other disasters. Another good thing is that they can provide food that won't spoil for longer periods of time.

The bad news is that long term effects of GMO consumption are unknown. Even worse GMOs could trigger allergic reactions in unsuspecting foods.

I believe that this particular GMO is harmless(mostly due to the fact there not supposed to be eaten)and shows the wonderful possibilities of biology and science as a whole.

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