Dreams Emma Brandenburg

Dream of a Fresco

This piece of artwork is a dream-catcher made of watercolors on a fresco. This piece is called Dream of a Fresco. I obviously used metallic watercolors to create this piece, I also used glossy finish to top it off. My inspiration for this artwork is that everyone has dreams and some dreams sadly fade, as you see here. I tried to show the emotion of loneliness and the fact that some people don't have dreams that come true. This piece does connect to a personal issue, my grandpa died before I was born and my Dad (his son) says he always dreamed of seeing his grand-kids play basketball, like he did. And as I finished up my basketball season, its hard (emotionally) because he will never witness me playing. Some goals I have as an artist is to show real emotion and make exactly what's in my head. I feel like I did show feelings in this piece, but I didn't exactly make exactly what's in my head. I learned in creating this piece is that you have to improvise, and fast, with frescoes. It's because once you make a mistake, you're stuck with it. This final piece is not what I imagined, the colors faded dramatically, and the paint smeared, but otherwise I think it looks pretty good. This piece will influence future artworks because now I know that when you mess up, you need to improvise and you can make things better.


Created with images by Foundry - "history art al fresco"

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