Human Learning Test & Learn In Real Life

  1. Qualitative Market Research Company for Marketing & Communication
  2. Founded in Paris (2009) and owned by Guillaume CADET & Jérôme LAFOURCADE
  3. Local and International Network
  4. Large spectrum of experiences : FMCG, Services, Fashion, Entertainment, Gaming, IT, BtoB...
  5. Focused on spontaneous reactions, real debates and moments of truth
Challenge your ideas
Meet Different Kind of People
Understand Social Context
Investigate Pop*Cultural Trends
Unlock Youth Aspirations
Discuss about Lifestyle
Contextualise Digital Environment
Probe Peer Interactions
Test your Communication
Gauge the Power of your Brand
Decode the Trade-offs of Everyday Life
Assess Relevance & Attractiveness of your Proposals
Detect Opportunities
Stay Tuned to the City Vibes
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