China air pollution By Sullivan Smith

Why is air pollution such a big problem in China today?

Air pollution has grown to be such a huge problem in China because of China's past. The reason for this is because in the past China used people from lower classes to work for industries. This made modern day China the largest industrial country in the world. Now that they have so many factories they have, in most recent decades, contributed to their air pollution problem because of industrialization and urbanization.

From the time in between the 1980's and 2005 there were policies past in China to try and reduce emissions to air pollution. And all of these policies were ineffective towards the problem.

Even though at first China failed, they were very persistent and between the years 2006 and 2012. In these years China used new tools in the 11th five year plan to get rid of air pollution and achieved the national goal of reducing sulfur dioxide emissions by 10%. Although they cut down emissions by 10%, the compound air pollution problem caused by PM2.5 (fine particulate matter) grew worse along with the ground level ozone. This PM2.5 episode in 2013 lasted all winter.

Air pollution just kept getting worse in China and they needed a way to stop it. So they decided to take a survey in China to then show people so they know that this a a problem that they need to stop. The news reporters then did research to show the people of china that if people know more about the air pollution problem and have better attitudes towards it that it will improve the understanding of protecting the environment which will make policies more effective to stopping air pollution.

What else did China do to try and stop air pollution?

TV and internet resources replaced books and newspapers as primary sources for people to gain knowledge about the haze and air pollution problem and how to protect themselves from it.

To protect themselves most people remain indoors when the weather looks hazy and polluted. 48.5% of people have worn face masks when they do actually go outside. Cotton and gauze being the most frequently used mask. A lot of people are help themselves with the problem of air pollution by learning about it. Most people that know this information are of a certain age or occupation. And the awareness rate was relatively high and there was a lot of enthusiasm for air pollution control.

After doing finishing the research of air pollution in China the news reporters found that 64.59% of people in China were aware of air pollution. And only 5.8% of people in china were ok with the air pollution problem in Ningbo, China. And 78.8% of people thought it was bad. Although China is going through an air pollution problem because of their past and now very good modern industries, They are being persistent and somewhat affective towards solving the problem.

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