6 TCEA Take Aways #Jenallee

#1 Paletton.com

Ever try to create graphics and can't find the colors that complement each other? Well... despair no more! Paletton shows you the colors that are complementary of each other with one click! Great tool for creating eye appealing graphics.

#2 TabCloud

Create windows of specific tabs, save the tabs, and retrieve tabs for specific tasks or people. TabCloud is a Chrome extension

#3 Wakelet

Curate anything! Create beautiful curated lists of anything on the web; photos, sites, tweets, and more! The iOS app is amazing and allows you to send tweets seamlessly to Wakelet.

#4 PowerPoint Translator

This is an amazing Add-in to PowerPoint. It allows all students to have the PowerPoint translated into their language & even subtitles displayed on the screen as the presentation is being given.

The first slide gives them easy access to Translator to have their presentation translated for them on their own device. This is great for English Language Learners or even students who need subtitles with the slides.

The subtitles can be displayed on your presentation or on the student or participants own device.

The subtitles can be hidden as well, but the code to join the translation or subtitles can be accessed at anytime during your presentation by using the code in the top right hand corner.

#5 Cool Music Sites

Purple Planet

Purple Planet offers Royalty Free Music with FREE mp3 downloads for your projects. This site makes siting the music source super easy! Just credit: https://www.purple-planet.com in your project!


Hear any radio station in the world by clicking on the interactive map! Amazing!

#6 Online Differentiation Tools


Insert a website and watch magic happen! As you enter the website, Rewordify rewords the site to make it easier to read and comprehend. The changes are highlighted in yellow.


Enter text and a summary of the text will be given with this site!


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