English Language Learners Helping ells together

What is English Language Learners( ELL)?

  • ELLs are students who unable to communicate fluently in English or learning in English.
  • English as their second language.

Do you know how many English Language Learners in US?

  • The percentage of public school students in the United States who were English language learners was higher in school year 2013–14 (9.3 percent, or an estimated 4.5 million students) than in 2003–04 (8.8 percent, or an estimated 4.2 million students) and 2012–13 (9.2 percent, or an estimated 4.4 million students).

Teachers of English Language Learners should get to know their students' background and their first language.

  • Being professional.
  • Being awareness.
  • Being kindness.
  • Being respect

Teachers are big role for English Language Learners. ELLs spend most of their time at schools to learn to new language. They may immigrate with their parents or study aboard. Teachers should be attention to each of their students.

Teachers should get to know each students' culture, and their English levels. Sometimes, teachers can use push-in or pull-out strategies to choose the best study style for their students. Teachers should always respect their students' culture.

Parents and Families' Helping

Family members are very important roles for ELLs to learn English language.

Parents should help students to practice and learn English at home. Providing the feedback to the teachers about their children's studying.

Parents should be engaging an participating for their children's English language learning.

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