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Tesla is by far the best electric car available. Beginning in 2003, inspired by the works of Nikola Tesla. "Tesla is not just an automaker, but also a technology and design company with a focus on energy innovation." Although not affordable by most which is soon to change with the arrival of the Model 3 to arrive soon. Until then, Tesla's Model S currently starts at 68k and the Model X at 82.5k with the price increasing as you add more and more features to the car you design.

No car has more customization options than a Tesla. As all features do not come standard including the Auto-Pilot function which is one of the more known special features. The price of the car depends on how you customize it. For instance, the interior, exterior, wheels, and which electric motor you select are all key to the price of the car.


All of Tesla features that do not come standard add a bit more to the price but they may be well worth the dollar if you opt to buy it. One thing you don't have to pay for is safety. Tesla is designed to be one of the safest cars to be in, due much to the electric motors and the auto suspension (bonus feature that you'll have to pay for).

Since the car is fully electric then the car itself is low maintenance. Meaning no oil changes, transmission fluid, tuning belts, and etc. Also, being all electric means no CO2 emissions. As well as featuring a rechargeable battery which is said to last up to 10 years.

Motors holding from anywhere between 220 miles to 335 per full charge. Superchargers charging a car within 30-45 mins while home chargers take 6-8 hours.

Features available for purchase include the well-known Auto-Pilot, an upcoming self-driving mode, Bio-weapon Air Defense, Subzero Weather Package, Ultra High Fidelity Sound, Rear Facing Seats, and an High Amp Charger Upgrade(travel use).

Tesla is by far the most advanced car company to this day. Being the only company to offer certain features certainly makes it stick out and being completely customizable is another great thing to add as well. Adding in the fact that the cars are 100% electric and environmental friendly only helps the car's popularity and success.

This is Tesla

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