Good Life Tour of the Harn Fabian puig

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

Ray Spaulding and Fabian Puig next to the Face Mask.

During my time visiting the Harn i got to see these African mask which were said to have Du. Du is this lingering force behind everything we see around us. Seeing this in person helped me understand that people put time and effort to convey the beauty of something they absolutely admired. This mask constitutes the good life as well because as your more successful with the mask, you begin to gain more and more power. Thus, for some people the more power they receive the more content they are. however, others admire the way in which such a simple mask made of ordinary materials could have so much meaning to a group of people, it communicates a sense of different realities to me, because this mask can a feeling of fear to some people because of its distress features or a sense of want and power to others.

Design of the Museum

Fabian Puig taking a selfie with one of the main sculptures in the main room.

Museums are very intricate and large, thus they focus a lengthy amount of time in the placement of these art works. For example as I walked in to the Harn I noticed this great statue (shown above) which made me think of the statue of Nike of Samothrace that was intended to show the great virtuosity of the sculpture, everything from the gold color to how its in the center of the room and higher than anything else in the room. When i saw this i felt a sense of dramatization because of the way the the light was shining on this sculpture in the round and everywhere you saw the greatness the artist wanted to show us.

Art and Core Values

Ray Spaulding and Fabian Puig standing next to one of their favorite pieces: Jefferson Market Courthouse

Some painting convey a personal message to everyone how analyzes it. sometimes the message can be the same, however most of the time you can create your own understanding of the art work. I made this painting my own by realizing that the red building in the background stands out in front of everything else and although it's the oldest building it still stands tall and proud. This made me realize that sometimes even though you are not the best at doing something you have to stand up and fight for what you want instead of being content in being the the back of the image only staring wishing your life would change. life does change unless there is a force there to move it, thus you have to be that force.

Art and the Good Life

Fabian Puig taking another selfies with one of his favorite art works.

One of my favorite paintings is by Joseph Mallord William Turner and its called The Slave Ship. This painting is so simple entering the era of impressionism however, still upholding the values of romanticism. Furthermore, when i was walking around the Harn i came across this painting which showed a simple image of a little body of water behind a large group of rocks and in the back it shows so much nature splashed with different shades of green. I must have stared at this painting for such a long time, it drew me in, the simplicity of the innocence of the kid in the water or how the nature around the kid seems to overtake the painting showing a romantic aspect.

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