What is a Wolf Eel? aka Wolf Fish

The wolf eel (Anarrhichthys ocellatus) is a species of wolffish (Anarhichadidae) from the North Pacific. It differs from true eels, because it has paired gill slits and pectoral fins. These animals can grow to 7 ft 10 in in length and up to 41 lb in weight. Unlike the grayish adults, the young are orange. The wolf eel usually lives up to 25 years. They are curious and are rarely aggressive but are capable of inflicting painful bites on humans. The male and female may pair for life and inhabit a cave together; the two watch their eggs together and one always stays behind when the other leaves to feed. This eel-like fish feeds on crustaceans, sea urchins, mussels, clams and some fishes, crushing them with its strong jaws.

Wolf Eel


Robbins Underwater

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