The Vampire Diaries costume design

The costume designer for The Vampire Diaries is Jennifer Bryan.Jennifer L. Bryan was born in Jamaica. She is known for her work on Breaking Bad (2008), Las Vegas (2003) and Exit Wounds (2001). She also did costume design for the show The Originals, which is a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries.

Byran is nominated for the costume design Guild Award for her costumes in season 5 in the show Breaking Bad. The winner will be announced on Feb. 22.

season 1

season 1 ( back in time )

season 2

season 2 ( back in time )

season 3

season 3 ( back in time )

season 4

season 5

season 5 ( back in time )

season 6

season 6 ( back in time )

actual fashion compared to vampire diaries

Most of the clothes that the characters would wear were from actual stores that the viewers shopped at. So they clothes were very up to date and related to the different personalities of each character and viewers. I believe they did a very good job at keeping up with each characters fashion. You could tell the character was growing as a person by simple changes in their wardrobe.

did they show influence street fashion? Vampire Diaries did influence fashion. Many people dress up as one of the main characters, Elena Gilbert, for Halloween. Also many of the clothes they would wear were very common things in stores now. They also sell Vampire Diaries merchandise.

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