Genetic Dissorder Maple syrup urine desiese

Maple syrup urine disease, branched-chain ketoaciduria, MSUD The name was chosen because your pee smells sweet like syrup It was discovered when a baby was admitted to a hospital for meningitis in 1966.
MSUD is a autosomal recessive metabolic disorder.
Sypmtoms of MSUD-Your pee smells sweet and your ear wax can also smell sweet. Weight loss, poor appetite and irregular sleep patterns are also symptoms.
Effects of dissorder-Makes your pee, sweat, and earwax smell sweet, can cause lethargy, seizures, coma, brain damage, and in rare cases life threatening neurological complications.
To diagnose someone they will either take a urine sample or a blood sample and tests it
If a baby has it then the life expectancy is twelve to twenty four hours, if you're an adult you'd have a normal life expectancy but it can have effect on your mental and physical capabilities, you also have to take a special formula that people call “milk”
Since this is inherited it can't be prevented, treatment is normally done by reducing the levels of BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids) in you or your baby's blood. There is no cure.
Currently, the National Insitute Of Health is working on a cure for MSUD
Here is a short summery of what a person with MSUD may have to do and deal with On my way! Daily basis. He has to drink a formula everyday and if he forgets to he has to eat something with high calories until he can get his formula. He has a mental block that limits how he learns to a how a kid learns.

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