Grade 1-4 Curriculum Morning Joining minds to explore the limitless world...~From a parent about the PYP

Showing mom Math thinking.

Solving puzzles.

Proud of my work.

Exploring color with parents.

Watching how it's done.

Showing our parents what we've been learning.

Having fun with mom.

Exploring with parents as part of our new unit.

Dad has jumped in to color and is making a robot.

Sharing in art with parents.

Engaging in art as it's part of our new unit.

Looking at our creations with Dad.

Sharing learning.

Showing parents our previous unit and what we learned.

Thinking with Mom.

Enjoying time in our class together.

Building a structure that could support books.

Everyone has their ideas about building a structure.

Showing mom how we do things with color.

Proud of our work.

Sharing our new learning with poetry.

Exploring technology that we use in our classrooms.

Having fun with parents.

Playing games like we do in our class.

Working through Math numbers with parents.

Creating with parents.

We've made it! Testing the strength of a structure.

Showing our parents how we paint.

This is harder than I thought!

Challenged by Soduku.

Bonding time with our children.

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