Liking the Unlikeable Final Journey Log Reflection - section 41

Stockton - Hales

Final Journey Log Reflection


Habits of mind: Curiosity, Openness, Persistence, and Responsibility

Time Travel

As I traveled through my time in this course, it became apparent to me that I no longer dreaded the boring old English class. I no longer wanted to choose to solve a thousand calculus problems over writing an english paper. And I certainly found that this was one of the few classes I didn't want to skip every chance that I got.

Reading back over old writing is always interesting. I laughed at the Haley who wrote Journey Log 1. I mean that thing was terrible; it was hard for even me to read. Monotonous, drab, vague, unrevealing. Call it whatever you'd like, but I definitely found my entries got more interesting and creative as the semester went on (or at least I'd like to think so). I honestly did not know how adobe spark worked, so on a side note I would like to say sorry for not making the first couple journey logs even remotely appealing.

My journey logs started out as just me trying to fulfill your requirements, so I wrote about class stuff and did my specialization. But as I got more comfortable, I noticed I turned the journey logs into a place where I wrote about what I wanted and rants about life thoughts, which I found to be way more fun.


Creativity stepped in at journey log 4. I figured out how to use themes and colors and I even had a running metaphor throughout it. As the journey logs continued, I started talking about more things that I was interested in and I also attempted to think outside the box, so I tried to incorporate things that the reader could relate to. I found that creativity allowed me to write about more exciting things and made me enjoy writing more.

Creativity frightens me because I am afraid of failing or people thinking my ideas or dumb. For instance, you kept mentioning in class that if we "defied" your expectations and did something else we could get extra credit. I was terrified to try anything because in the back of my head I was always thinking maybe you wouldn't like it or maybe it wouldn't count and I would get a 0. So, I stuck with the journey logs.


Openness came through the door on the very first day of class. I hated the idea of how class was set up like a game. Nonetheless, I embraced it with an open mind. I've always thought a huge factor in how circumstances play out is determined by your attitude towards them.

With that in mind, it was much easier to be open about things like our monsters only research paper rather than complain about how I couldn't write about something science related. I actually liked writing about something out of my comfort zone for once. I believe it expanded my mind as a writer and a thinker. If you only ever practice one thing, you'll only ever be good at that one thing. Like people always say, it's better to be a "well-rounded" student.


My role as a researcher when I was a ranger was much more difficult than I thought it would be. While it was easier to write more because it required more research material than other specializations, it was harder to find things to want to write about. One of the things that really stood out to me in the semester was the comparison to “down the rabbit hole” once you ask just a single simple question.

Curiosity is a huge part of everyday life and I found that the more curious I was, the easier it was to research and to want to write. I’ve always been one to assume that English grooms students to think in only one way. But throughout this course, I’ve realized that being an author is about writing the way you want to write and not how anyone else tells you.

I never thought of writing as a way to express my ideas. It was always just meeting the requirements and writing what my teacher wanted to hear.


As far as academics go, I would say I am a pretty driven student. I have dreams of going to medical school and becoming a doctor, so of course, school is important. But, school wouldn’t be much without persistence.

There were so many times throughout this course that I just didn’t want to do assignments (or any other course for that matter). However, I always do them because the feeling afterwards of having completed something is much better than skipping out on something.

Persistence is key to success in general because you won’t get anywhere from quitting.

Minecraft was one of those things that I definitely had to get used to having to do. Using minecraft in an English class seemed absolutely ridiculous to me at first, but I saw that it was helpful in crafting projects and introducing a new way to think. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, it was teaching me how to prepare, think through, and create meaningful things. It was also really fun (kind of obsessed now thanks for that).

English 1030 helped me overcome my fears and unease that were accompanied with writing. I did not like (maybe even hated) English as a subject. I think a lot of that had to do with how my teachers made us think about writing as a one of a kind process with a set of strict guidelines that couldn’t be avoided (aka the 5 paragraph essay). Throughout this course, I found myself liking some of the projects and even looking forward to ranting about something in that week’s journey log. Maybe writing isn't so bad after all.

Having English after an 8am chemistry and then a 930 biology class, I knew for sure that I would dread going to it. But to my surprise, it was the complete opposite. It’s been the only class I actually want to interact in and want to be a part of. So, I guess I will end on that note.

Thank you, Chris, for making the unlikeable, likeable.

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