Phragmites The Fast Growing Reed by alastair daniel

  • phragmites are a invasive species that grows on shores and beaches and is native to Europe and Asia its also know as the European long reed for its long reed like body
phragmites massive roots allow it to spread quickly and dominate new areas it has no natural enemy's in north america wear it invades causing its take over if you have been to the brickwork's you may have seen phragmites among the ponds even hear they have invaded

hear is the most invasive forms of phragmites phragmite australias on a beach in Florida this species can invade everywhere in fact almost all of the Continental united states has been invaded

phragmites grow on beaches to gain easy water but their roots extend deep into the lake and kill helipads and water lily's

show hear is a phragmite bush the black spots on the ground are dead plants that died because of the phragmites

show hear are natural phragmites growing in Russia

phragmites wear most likely brought in to north america for cultivation by exploring and colonizing European

phragmites have invaded mexico, the USA and the Canadian provinces of Manitoba Ontario Quebec new Brunswick British Colombia and alberta

evolution or adaptation:The process of change by which an organism or species becomes better suited to its environment:-oxford dictionary

phragmites are from Europe and have adapted to life in north america by invading in mass

phragmites have no predators withing north america so they can expand very quickly making them very threating to native species

CHARACTERISTICS: the phragmite has a skinny reed like stem leading up to a plume of seeds at the top it roots extend up to 8 meters! and they grow in large patches along river lake and ocean beds .

in conclusion phragmites are probably the worst invasive species in north america and are classified by the Ontario's invasive species awareness program extreme threat


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