Donald Glover/Childish Gambino by: Brittney Wahl

Donald Glover was born September 25, 1983. He was born at the Edwards Air Force Base, California, and was raised in Stone Mountain, Georgia. He is the son of Beverly and Donald Glover. His mother ran a daycare while his father was a postal worker. His parents served as foster parents for 14 years and he was raised as a Jehovah's witness.
Donald went to the DeKalb School of the Arts and later graduated from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts in 2006. Donald graduated with a degree in dramatic writing. While in college, Donald joined several comedy sketch groups; one of the comedy groups was called Derrick Comedy which produced many viral Youtube videos. In his senior year Donald attracted the attention of the producers from "30 Rock" with his viral videos.
After the producers of "30 Rock" discovered Donald, he was hired in 2006 as one of the writers and later made several cameos on the show. In 2009 Donald left "30 Rock" and moved to Los Angeles. Later in 2009 he and his Derrick Comedy team preformed their first feature film, "Mystery Team" at the Sundance Film Festival.
Donald started releasing rap mixtapes in 2009 under the name Childish Gambino. ( fun fact Donald went on a certain gangster name generator app and Childish Gambino was the name he received!) Also in that same year Donald was casted to play as Troy Barns on NBC's show "Community". It was a career defining role for Donald.
Donald's first stand-up special was a half hour, "Comedy Central Presents" episode premiered in 2010. Glover's first hour-long special aired in 2011 and it was called Weirdo.
In 2011 Childish Gambino released his debut studio album called Camp, with the song Heartbeat as his single. He released his second album called Because the Internet in 2013. Donald has created many successful songs and albums including his new 2016 album called Awaken, My Love!
Donald Glover is a rapper, singer, voice actor, actor, comedian, director, film producer, record producer, composer, screenwriter, and song writer. His net worth is 12 million dollars. Through hard work and perseverance he went from a college kid with a dream to a proclaimed star.


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