How to Create a Good Digital Footprint by: hosna sadaqat

Are you a parent? Well if the answer is yes, than this is where you need to be. If you have a child that has a phone or one day will get one soon, than this is a helpful guide to make sure your child creates a good digital footprint and a great way to keep them more safe.

If your not a parent and just teen or someone that just got a social media account than this guide will help you stay safe on social media and help you create a good digital footprint.

Teens on scocial media

Do you want this to be your child.

The Picture right above shows the percentage of teens from the age of 13 to 17 that have a type of social media account.

It is estimated that 1.96 billion people worldwide have some type of social media account and it is expected for those numbers to grow to 2.5 billion by 2018.

Hacker hacking someones private information through their social media

If you or your child uses their social account way too much and puts a lot of their private information on it than someone threw the internet can hurt them or even do worse thing to them.

You don't want this to be you so you should be care full of what you post. Their is a lot of social media accounts out their so you should be careful of which ones you get and make sure you know how to use them in the proper.

Peoples Stories

I myself have never had a experience when some threatened me online but I know someone that has had a scary situation. So one of my family members was so to be married and she got a Facebook. All of her siblings had one and even her husband did as well. So anyways their was a person on Facebook pretending to be her brother. So that guy on Facebook pretending to be her brother was threatening her and saying rude and hurt full things. So she got scared and she deleted her Facebook. Afterward she asked her brother why he was saying all those mean things and he was very confused.

So just imagine if this happened to you than what would you do? Would you ask for help or smack talk them and make matters even worse?

In situations like this you should always tell someone and ask for help. You should tell your parents or if you don't have someone to talk to than maybe you should go to the police.


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