Culprit of Deadly Tibet Avalanche: Climate Change stephanie Pappas

SUMMARY OF ARTICLE: "An avalanche of ice that killed nine in western Tibet may be a sign that climate change has come to the region, a new study finds." Essentially, a huge avalanche occurred. 98 feet in elevation, and stretching well over 4 square miles, this immense glacier spilled and slipped. Although seemingly insignificant, scientist Andreas Kääb, a glaciologist at the University of Oslo, said "Melt water at the base of the glacier must have hastened the slide of the debris (Live Science)." Tibet's glaciers have so far been stable in the face of warming temperatures, according to the researchers. In southern and eastern Tibet, the glaciers have been melting much more rapidly. Ultimately, this article is trying to depict the growing globalized problem of Climate Change.

ANALYSIS OF ARTICLE: The article primarily demonstrates one key phenomenon: Global Warming. We are constantly seeing more and more effects of Global Warming, and this is no exception. People aren't fully recognizing how this catastrophic change is impacting the world around us- and these 2 avalanches in Tibet are prime examples. This article evoked a sense of inspiration; there needs to be something done or else we will continue to see these drastic and sometimes fatal events.

MY BIG TAKEAWAY: Overall, my takeaway from this article is one of disgust. We are constantly fueling (literally) this climate change. Everyday we see the effects of what we are doing yet nothing solid and organized is actually done to combat it. I think this article should be one of many. The effects of what is being done to our enviroment needs to be consistently portrayed to the public so then the common people have an incetive to make a change in our world.


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