Olympic Swimmers By Barrett Walker

Michel Phelps was born June 30th. He has competed in 5 diffrent olympics. That is a lot of olympics. Micle hass one kid. It is a boy. Did you know his sons name is boomer. Boomer might be a swimmer when he grows up. Those are some facts about Micle Phelps.

Katie Ledecky was born in Washington Dc. Her birthday is March 17. She started swimming at age 6. That is a good age to start swimming. She is a distance swimmer. I can't do as many laps as she can. Also she broke 3 world record times. Katie Ledecky was instresting to learn about.

Both olympic swimmers have one a lot of medals. Michael Phelps has one 28 medals in all. Katie Ledecky has won 20 medals in all. If you combined the medals it would equal 48 medals. That is a ton. They are both gerat swimmers. Both of them have a muscular stroke. That is how they are the same.


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