App journal René A. ponce ponce de león

Lesson 1

  • pages-writing documents
  • keynote- making presentations
  • iMovie- making videos
  • 9gag- entertainment
  • clash royale- entertainment
  • metronome- music
  • spotify- music
classwork 1
App Brainstorm (lesson 2)
  • rotten food app- detects when your food has expired- maitress
  • training coach- athletes
  • room cleaning app- it cleans your room- every person
  • positiveness app- every morning it delivers you an inspiring message or quote- every person
classwork 2
Lesson 3
  1. metronome
  2. clash royale
  3. pages
  4. keynote
  5. imovie
  6. 9gag
  7. spotify
classwork 3
Lesson 4

Some apps are easier to use than others because the UI is predictable or easy to understand and use.

classwork 4
Lesson 5
  • positiveness app- every morning it delivers you an inspiring message or quote- every person- brings people some positiveness
  • training coach- stablishes a training routine- less effort in finding a routine
classwork 5
Lesson 6
  • App name: Kitchen Canvas
  • Problem: generate an efficient way of cooking for beginners or experts.
  • My app will give the users to find new ways of cooking and finding new recipes according to their tastes by using keywords.
classwork 6
Lesson 7
  • Accelerometer: Detects how the device is being moved in a tri-dimensional space.
  • GPS: Shows where the devise is located around the world.
  • Camera: It lets the user to take media such as photos and videos which are stored in the memory.
  • Touchsreen: A screen that interacts with the touch of the user due to its sensitivity.

classwork 7 robot

Lesson 8
  • Perhaps we can use GPS to give some typical recipe suggestions which can help the user known regional recipes.
  • Use the camera to share recipes with others or show their results.
classwork 8
Lesson 9

Kiwilimón, Youmiam, and Hatcook

top related apps
  • kiwilimon has shown some errors when choosing recipes and categorizing ingredients. This can solved through the reprograming the variables.
  • Youmiam's interface seems a minimalistic but not aesthetic. There is struggle to find where to type at first which can be solved by adding easy to identify panels.
  • Hatcook has no user reviews.
classwork 9
Lesson 10

Fundamental principles for our app:

  • minimalism: keep just the important details.
  • attractiveness: make it likeable to the sight.
  • usefullness: make it useful.
  • Color: Add some attractive colors to contrast features.
Lesson 11

First Impression

Duolingo is an app that teaches languages for free. It's icon shows the mascot which is an owl. A symbol of wisdom. The app then guides you on how to be used.

Hour of Code


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