dialect of Armagh northern Ireland

Irish slang !

what's the craic? The meaning of "what's the craic" is another phrase for how are you doing or what's the news.
keep her lit-The meaning of "keep her lit" is another way of saying keep going or keep moving on.
lad-The meaning of "lad" is a friend ( not always meaning boy can also by said to a girl) e.g " What's the craic lad" :p
Aye-has the same meaning as yes or being sarcastic.
"state of ya"-meaning ugly as a joking and serious matter.

"scrap" means that people are going to fight.

"suckin diesel " means that you going places.

"wigs in the green " means stop being naughty.

"peelers" means the police.

By Aisling , Sophie And Aimee.


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