Nuclear warefare defense By: Jasper Partin

MIT Plant Nuclear Detection

MIT has put nano tubes into spinach leaves wich allows them to detect explosive objects. The nano tubes then can send the information of explosives to a wireless device. By doing this MIT has created a device that could definetly save lives, like what if we had this kind of technology setup at a marathon like the boston one, we can detect these explosive devices and prevent the loss of life in America.

Nuclear Defense right now

If Russia were to nuke the US right now our only defense would be to nuke them back. In the 1956 russia launched spotnach, which jumped started our nuclear weapons program and defense program. But by the 1970's Russsia had over 40,000 nuclear weapons the US basically gave up on defense at that point. Instead trying to sing nuclear peace treaties with russia. But with the technology we have now we have brought the nuclear defense program back.

Laser Defense

Laser defense is completely new for the military. It's still being tested and being made better but as of right now there is a small laser on USS Ponce it is able to take down small boats and drones,mand only cost 1$ per firing. The goal is to build a laser powerful enough to be able to take down a nuclear weapon on take off.

Air Inteceptors

Are first line of defense right now are surface to air nuclears interceptor missles. Surface to air missles are set up all over the coasts of the United States we also have them in are allied countries such as South Korea and Japan. The only problem with these missles is there nit a 100% success rate. As in they dint hit the target every time. And if multiple weapons were being fired at the US it would be a mess.

The ideal defense

The ideal defense right now would be energy weapons because they are much cheaper and efficent, the only problem with that is, the US wants to shoot the missle down as the nuclear weapon is being launched. The provlem with that is we have to put the laser on a plane and fire it from there. But how is a plane suppose to get that close during a war.

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