Digital protfoilio By: Noemi Castilleja

My experience with art is I took a few classes in middle school but this is my first art class in high school. I'm not really sure what my goals or future dreams are. I think I'll figure it out later in my life I'm not really sure. My thoughts of the class is its was it was nice and I like how we had time to work on our drawings and we weren't always rushed to finished. Also how we would leave a minute early because we're in the far some of the building so it Gaige us time to walk. I learned that when you're drawing something more complex to look for shapes and not the overal picture.

This was the first project we did the elements of art I think we did this first because it was a preview of some/most of the things we were gonna learn during the class and the key things to know in art. Like for space we leaned how to trick the mind and make a simple drawing look like it could go on forever like the road. For value we learned that's the shade or have light or heavy you press makes different effects and if you add value to a regular picture it could transform it to a whole new drawing. For form we learned how to draw simple objects and make them look realistic and give them shadows and light. For lines we learned diferente lines if used correctly could make 3-D shapes or if you confection them to the right spot could make a whole new picture. For shape we learned not to look at the whole picture but look for shapes within a picture to draw it better and it help us b come better at drawing. For color we learned sometimes keeping it valve and white isn't always so bad and that different shades of a color could make a huge difference. For texture we learned if you draw any regular object and add a bit of texture and a shadow it could make it look 10x more realistic.
While drawing the positive/negative drawings we learned about vale and how to draw with one side of the pictures with lots of dark value and then the other side of the picture would be like the opposite. Like on the left the girl was the full of the dark value and on the left the space around the girl was the dark value.
On the left is the before hand drawing and on the left is the after hand drawing. To draw this we looked at space around our hand and how much space was blank and we looked at which quadrant different parts of our hand was at so it would look more realistic
This is the side profile drawing. We focused on trying to make e side profile real so we tri d to add texture and lots of value. We again looked at the extra space around the side of the face and looked at what part is actually being used in the picture. To help draw the picture I looked at shapes within the picture that was I'm not trying to draw the picture the way I thinks it's supposed to be drawn but how it actually is. Like while drawing the hair she had dreads so I looked for shapes within the dreads to draw those which in the end made it look better then how I would've drawn it on my own.
While doing this stippling drawing we learned that when you add more dots closer together it makes it look darker and if you make them far apart it looks lighter we learned about space and how to use a sharpie and make something that looks so simple ore complex. Like from a distance it may look ordinary but once ur up lose you'll notice tat just just a bunch of dots to make up the whole picture.
The still life drawing is one of the drawings that took more time but looked better if you didn't rush. It had more than one focus like light and heavy pressure when drawing like if they were one of the main focuses we did it with a heavy pressure then the things in the background with light pressure. We did a ton of bleanding too life if it was light pressure we could blend it to meke it look faded or by blending we could make some textures seem smooth or dull.
For me the scratch board was one of my favorites even though you couldn't start over once you started. The main focus was lines and cross hatching because it make up the whole picture. We make lines with light and heavy pressure because if u wanted it to be more shiny you'd make the pressure heavier and if you wanted it lighter then you'd use light pressure so it wouldn't go as deep.
This is the befor and after self portrait. To help us dreaw this we focused of the negative space around our head and to make it look more realistic we used value so if there were shadows in our picture like by our neck or chin we used a litter more pressure so it'd be darker in those areas so it'd gave it a shadow effect. Also if there was a light reflecting somewhere on us we'd draw more lightly in those areas so I'd give the effect of light hitting us or something.
This is the two point perspective drawing. We also learned how to manipulate the eye by making horizontal lines and connecting them to the two vanishing points. Also we learned how to make shadows and make it seem like the light was hitting a certain area by using the same color but not pressing as hard to make it look like the light was hitting the area but by making the color darker it make it seem more like a shadow.
This is the most recent drawing we've been working on it's the oil pastel drawing. One if the main focuses were working on is color and how to use it the right way to make it look realistic and like you could actually grasp it. With the oil pastels we are trying to users make make the picture have value and texture too. The maid thing I'm trying to do is make it seem like the light is coming from above so the top will be lighter and the bottom will be darker for shadow and stuff.

Some things I enjoyed durring are was how we could do our own thing and work at our own pace; and weren't rushed to finish our drawings. Also I enjoyed how we could listen to our music and how u had music playing in the speaker thingy. Also I really liked how if we didn't get something if we asked you'd help us understand what to do. I also liked that we could draw whatever we wanted to and how you wouldn't really care and that we could take things home if we were falling a bit behind. There wasn't anything really challenging/hard in the classs it was mostly pretty self explanatory if you payed attention to the examples you would do in class befor we started and stuff.

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