Lewis Armisted By: emily hornaday

This is Lewis Addison Armisted who fought in the Civil War. This is a biography about his life.

He was born on February 18, 1817, in New Bern North Carolina.

Lewis went to West Point Military School where his father attended school. He got into a fight one day at school and got expelled. Since he got expelled he ended up failing the grade.

Lewis had some challenges in his life like one is that he was shy so he did not have many friends and all the friends he had got shot or wounded during the war. Also, he did not graduate so he could not get any other job after the military.

Lewis Armisted was very important in the Civil War because he was captain of the USA. He as well fought in the Mexican/American War to fight to fight to make sure slavery never happens again in the state of Texas.

Lewis Armisted was a brave soldier he has been fighting since after West Point. He was a good man and he treated them with kindness.

Every since Lewis went to the West Point and finished school and enrolled in the military he has impacted American history since he fought for our country until he died during a war. That shows dedication to this country. He also led a brigade to the battle of Gettysburg and was captain of the USA Army.

The part that most people admire about him is how as soon as he graduated he went into the Army. A few years later he went to the Civil War and then he became a captain and in the Mexican/American War and earned three heroism awards.


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