Annual Report 2017 Wikimedia CH

Dear Reader,

2017 was a year of words and actions. Not only rich in exciting projects and events, it was also used to build a team and foster a spirit that allowed Wikimedia CH to further elaborate its strategic direction and to actually walk the talk... read more

President of the Board: Dorian Credé and Executive Director: Jenny Ebermann (please find all photo credits at the bottom of the page)

2017-2020 Wikimedia CH's strategic direction at a glance

Wikimedia CH uses a house to represent its three impact directions of GLAM, Education and Community. These directions serve our vision of a diverse, open and above all knowledgeable society in Switzerland and beyond.

Wikimedia CH's Programmes

Our impact directions of GLAM, Education and Community as well as the newly added Partnerships & Outreach part, set the path for us as an association and also define actions to take for the years to come.


GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums) not only accumulate knowledge in a wide variety of forms, but also bear the Swiss cultural heritage. Therefore, partnering with cultural institutions is considered a great opportunity for Wikimedia CH to enable sharing of knowledge and resources to digitise Swiss heritage, preserving Swiss art and culture... read more


Education is considered an important topic among the Wikimedia Foundation, Chapters and community alike. Classrooms need to incorporate new technology to keep up with the web, as well as to integrate Wikimedia projects into their curricula to encourage better use of online information and to teach students essential digital skills in order to build a technically literate Swiss workforce... read more


There would be no Wikimedia CH without its community of contributors, volunteers and supporters. Consequently, nurturing and empowering our community as well as fostering diversity and equality are essential and a main priority for Wikimedia CH... read more

Partnerships & Outreach

In addition to the three Impact Directions, Wikimedia CH discovered potential to further strengthen its position as a renowned entity within the digital and free knowledge sector by teaming up with different stakeholders in the cultural, political and socio-economic spheres... read more

Finances 2017

2017 was a successful year in terms of Finances. With an increase in donations due to new fundraising efforts, we managed to continue building a financially sustainable basis. (Please note: The Final Audit Report will be added until the end of March at latest!)

Support Free Knowledge!

There are many ways to support Wikimedia CH. Besides from being an active member, or an contributor to Wikipedia and its sister projects, we also rely on your financial support. To find out more about how to support us, please click on:


Matterhorn/Cervino (4478m), author: Samuel Ferrara, winner of the Wiki Loves Earth 2017 contest; Gorgier, Lac de Neuchâtel, author: Dominique Dubied; Museum Gutenberg, Fribourg, exposition first floor, author: Bobo11; Picture taken during the WikiChallenge contest African Schools in Tunisia, author: Belhassen Seghaier; Group photo WikiCon2017, author: Steffen Prößdorf; Launch of WikiChallenge African Schools and of Wiki Loves Africa in Mali, at the school "The Republic of Bamako." The candidates, author: KAG1LP2MDIAKITE; Natural park Gantrisch, View from the Gantrisch, author: Heaven 721;  All contents, if no other mention, are published under Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY-SA 4.0 and 3.0). For more information, please visit: creativecommons.org/licenses

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