The Divine: A play for sarah bernhardt By: Jared Cook

Standing in line to swipe my Gator 1, I felt a rush of excitement upon guessing what I was about to witness. After taking a theatre appreciation class, I learned the aspects and how to get the most out of a theatrical production. I could hardly wait. When I walked into the theatre, I was astonished by the beauty of the stage and the auditorium. Once I walked into the theatre, I wondered where to sit. Up front? In the back? I'm awful at making decisions so I thought I couldn't go wrong with sitting in the middle. As the lights dimmed and the crowd hushed, my mind raced with suspense. The transformation into an alternate reality was unfolding. The Good Life plays a role in this situation because the gorgeous stage and auditorium made me feel comfortable and increased the thrill of what I was about to see as opposed to a crummy theatre.
I went to The Divine with my friend Alia because we happened to be seeing the play on the same day. Before the play, I just wore what I had on at the time and I heard the production was long so I ate a big meal and brought some snacks for Alia in case she didn't know how long the play was. The walk to the theatre was so nice. I gave Alia some snacks and we talked the whole way there and I learned some cool things about her. Having a friend with me definitely made the play much more enjoyable. Intermission was especially better because I had someone to talk to rather than being on my phone. The shared experience made an impact because I was able to get another viewpoint on the plot. Some people have different views so its nice to get multiple thoughts about a particular subject.
I experienced a culture check during the performance. At this day and age, the U.S. has little issues dealing with child labor. Obviously I knew what child labor is, although I never got a person look into it. The play allowed me see the severity of the problem when I observed how it affected the kid working at the shoe factory. I intensely pondered the topic during the production and realized I'm so privileged that I had a wonderful, carefree childhood and I will never take that for granted. Its heartbreaking to know that children in foreign countries are having this stripped away from them. My dream is to help people in poverty stricken countries by building affordable sustainable houses and by gaining this perspective on child labor, it only strengthens my passion to ease the burden of these children.
The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt created a lot of awkwardness in the audience by discussing molestation. This tension influenced me because I saw the importance in "katharsis" (coming clean) even when a situation is uncomfortable. It is too little of a thing to remain prideful because it is unhealthy for us to keep these problems only to ourselves. The talk back was undoubtedly worth the extra time because it strengthened my overall understanding of the characters and the actors personal opinions on the character's actions.
Created By
Jared Cook


Images taken by Jared Cook and - "Hamlet at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre"

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