sea level

so you can see sea level is rising pretty high and some people are having a hard time adapting to it and could also start losing homes

so this shows the arctic and there glaciers. so the major thing that is happening is the sea level is rising super high because the glaciers are melting. if all the the glaciers melt the sea level could rise 6 to 15 feet.

so with sea level rising this city will be gone and flooded instantly. they would need to protect themselves from the rise from the water so they would need like a barrior around the city.

so you see how a major road is right here so if you see there is water under this road. so pretty much this main access way for them would be under water and no access to the city and eventually the city would be under water.

so this is showing water by the mountains. this could change the world from this aspect that there could be no more mountains if the water gets high enough over the years mountains could be under water. which would take 100's and thousands of years

this is a bride that people get access to work and possibly to there homes. so with sea level rise there is a good chance that this bridge could go under water with sea level rising. then the whole city would end up being under water losing pretty much all homes and people would have to leave there homes behind.

even little ponds/rivers like this could even start overflowing and causing problems. with the sea level rising and knowing you still have ponds and lakes that will over flow and that would just add to the damage and the water levels would rise even more


Created with images by qimono - "sea boats fishermen" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Glaciers and Sea Level Rise" • S.A. Street Photographer - "The Hudson River by Night" • lyng883 - "DSC01911, Panama Canal, Colon, Panama" • Alberto.. - "Parinacota & Pomerape" • conner395 - "Forth Railway Bridge at North Queensferry Fife Scotland" • D-Stanley - "Drainage Canal"

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