Mask off Future

In this visual Future and his "right hand man" go through a twist of events from childhood into adulthood, which shows their "come up", and ultimately the demise of their friendship.

The first scene starts off Future on a rooftop unmasking himself; as he removes a firearm from his waistband aiming and firing. The screen flashes white, and seems to rewind back into time. [fade to]

In this scene Future and his best friend are seen as young children burning money in a black and white setting. This scene flashes to the two kids leaving out the candy store. Directly across the street from them is a young girl. Future's friend insists on approaching the girl in an unruly manner, only to find out her interest lies with Future. [cut to]

This next scene is back in the present time, where Future and his gang are all toasting up, and celebrating. [cut to]

This scene flashes back in time and shows Future and his right hand man (young adults) hustling out of their place of employment (car wash). Then it cuts to them being approached by a mysterious (wealthy looking) older man in a luxury vehicle asking them if they'd be interested in making some real money. The scene closes showing Future has come a long way, and is now a "made man." (Shot of the "plug" giving Future a one armed embrace leaving a sour look on his friends face that goes unnoticed). [cut to]

This scene flashes back to the present time showing Future driving the same kind of luxury vehicle his onetime "plug" owned. He notices an attractive woman jogging (in work out attire) as he drivies by. Scene flickers back and fourth between present and past showing images of the young girl outside the candy store.

While Future is engaged with his potential childhood fling "Judas" [right hand man] is plotting his takeover of the business. Judas is robbing the competition planting calling cards with Future's logo attempting to frame him. He is also seen using drugs (snorting cocaine) in this scene.

This scene is the masquerade ball, also known as a boss affair where everyone can be seen enjoying themselves. {cameos from A listers} (The toasting scene in the opener comes to fruition, and Judas can be seen being noticeably uncomfortable). This scene also shows Judas stashing the stolen goods from the competitors in Future's party.

This scene cuts to Future's right hand man, which he can be seen on the rooftop making an anonymous tip to the FBI about the stashed evidence he planted.

Right after Future delivers his toast he steps away to receive a phone call from his newly rekindled love interest.

As Future steps away to take the call his party is raided by the FBI.

In this scene Future's childhood lover can be seen leading the charge of FBI agents. Simultaneously as the raid takes place Judas can be seen peering over the edge of the roof watching FBI agents escort guest out in handcuffs. He turns around only to find a masked assailant standing in front of him. The two stand there staring eye to eye momentarily suspended in time, as Future removes the mask from his face aiming his firearm and pulling the trigger.


Created by: Kenneth Nigel & Maurice Williams

Created By
Kenneth Nigel & Maurice Williams

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