Soup Presentation By: paul Schlabach

Size and type of bowl is determined by the type of soup, and when it will be served.

Appetizer soups should be served in portions of 6-8 ounces, and main course soups served between 10-12ounces

Serve hot soups at 165 degrees farenheight, and cold soups at 41 degrees ferenheight

Soups presentation should be enhanced with a garnish due to how plain they can be.

Garnishes such as parsley and sour cream make the difference eternal an appealing dish and a dull one.

Garnishes must be applied just before the soup is served.

When making large batches of thick soup, cool and refridgerate the soup before you add milk or cream.

It is best to heat only small batches of soup if you hold the soup in a steam table.

Check the consistency before you serve the soup!!!


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