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Mumbai: the City that never stops. If you're coming to Mumbai, you don't have to know the local language, Marathi, but if you do know how to speak Marathi, it's a plus point (even in school). One must know that there is a HUGE difference between Hindi and Bambaiyya Hindi. You must know the words 'bhau' or 'buntai' which means brother, 'barobar hai' means it's right or correct, 'raada' which means fight or a ruckus and 'boss' which is a call to whoever and whatever you want!

Mumbai = Vada pav. You can find a stall selling vada pavs at every nook and corner of this city. Mumbai is home to a LOT of restaurants and has a variety of cuisines to satisfy all your cravings!

Here are our top 5 cheap eats in Mumbai with lip smacking delicacies

Gokul - the shadiest bar one can find, tucked behind the beautiful Taj at Colaba.

Ayub's - Its like the bigger and better brother of Bademiya. Go here for great kebabs and kaathi rolls.

Kyani's - The quintessential Parsi bakery where you must head for breakfast.

Khau Galli - Street food at it's best!!

Madras Cafe - Go here for their filter coffee and other south Indian items. Honorary mention to the thousands of street vendors of vada pav and sandwiches.

Mumbai is one of the most popular shopping destination in the country. It has everything from luxury brands to street shopping at its very best.

Colaba Causeway - From cheap, street clothes to fashionable boutiques, this lane, which houses old buildings from the British Raj, has it all. While you can stroll through the footpaths and look for clothes, shoes, purses, and even jewelry in the latest designs, you can also step into one of the boutiques and look at exquisite furnishings, clothes, etc. The street vendors sell the latest fashion at throwaway prices, which can be bargained for to a great extent. It is always good to spend some time here; you never know what steal you will find.

Fashion Street - With over a varied array of 150 shops, Fashion Street promises the ardent shopper a lot more junk and knick-knacks than any large mall or fashionable stores can offer.

Linking Road - Shoes, junk jewellery, bags and clothes – Linking Road has it all. Whether you fancy designer brands or an A-grade imitation off the street, Linking Road has it all. Big on accessories, this road is full of hawkers selling trinkets and knick-knacks at throwaway prices. Bargaining is key here and there’s no need to be squeamish while quoting half of the asking price.

Hill Road - One of the best places for street shopping in Mumbai is Hill Road Bandra. Located at the intersection of Bandra railway station road and SV road, most of the shops are cramped in the area near Marks and Spensers (Globus Cinemas). It is a shopping paradise, if you have the right set of eyes.

On 16 April 1853, Mumbai witnessed first train movement in India. With 14 carriages & 400 passengers left Bori Bunder (now Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal) for Thane in Maharashtra.

Once you travel by Mumbai Local, your life starts to pretty much revolve around the trains and their timings. Eg - I'm catching the 7.33 to Bandra, you catch the 7.45. And although we have the new metro and mono-rail, the local trains will always have a special place.

Bombay was originally 7 islands which eventually joined to become one big city.

The Churchgate railway station in Mumbai neither has a gate nor a church. Other places that have ironic names are ; Victoria Terminus – where Queen Victoria never resided, Mahalaxmi Temple – located in Haji Ali, Lohaar Chawl – has no iron-smiths in the vicinity, Breach Candy – where there is a hospital but no candies, Bhendi Bazaar area – that has nothing to do with bhindis (okra)!

Churchgate station
Bhendi Bazaar
Breach Candy

The Dabbahwallahs’ century-old delivery system is recognised as one of the best managed supply chains in the world. Forbes magazine awarded the dabbawalah network with its highest rating, Sigma Six—a rating that is shared with corporate giants like General Electric and Motorola, it signifies less than one error per one million transactions.


Mumbai has a raging nightlife which extends till the wee hours of the morning in some underground bars.There are also some very cheap and affordable places that you can hit at 2 or 3 am, when you're hungry after all the lesson planning!

Here, you will find people celebrating all festivals and traditions with equal amount of enthusiasm.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Once must read Gregory David Robert's book 'Shantaram' to know about the city from a foreigner-turned- local's perspective

One can read how much ever one wishes to about Mumbai, but it's a city best experienced and not read about. You can't help but fall in love with it, with all it's madness.

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