Tassel Talk May 2021

The Love and Support behind the programming

At A Call to College we’re clamoring for a return to normal. Spring has brought some reminders of what’s to come, and even if that normal is redefined, we will gladly welcome it. We have missed our student interactions immensely, and we are hopeful our 2021 Fall looks familiar once it arrives. For now we can heap our praise on NCS staff who’ve gone the distance to serve our students and families.

The gap our teachers have filled is significant - and it’s shown our students we can persevere through difficult circumstances. To our teachers - you’ve been a stable force for our students as you’ve listened, guided, encouraged and cheered them on. You showed up.

Thank you from A Call to College!

2nd Grade Programming

Providing Early Awareness & Knowledge (PEAK Week)

COVID restrictions prevented us from bringing volunteers into the classrooms, but once again our teachers rose to the occasion. Three books and corresponding lesson plans were shared with students including: “I Knew You Could” by Craig Dorfman, “Mihalia Mouse Goes to College” by John Lithgow and “When I Grow Up” by Al Yankovic.

The books focus on the themes of career exploration, college aspiration, resilience and relationships. Students were given their own “Imagine my Future” workbook to accompany the lessons. Thank you to those teachers who participated in the optional grad cap and alma mater day - their picture is shared above.

6th Grade Programming


NCS sixth grade staff at Heritage, Liberty and Wilson carried the torch for A Call to College this year delivering our Kids2College curriculum over the course of six weeks. Students were introduced to various types of degrees and the correlation between education and income. For our aspiring collegiate athletes we discussed the importance of a plan B.

We shared the definition of a transcript and how this information is used by a College Admissions Counselor. The basics of financial aid were reviewed, and specifically, the importance of filing the FAFSA. A huge thank you to Jordan Burckard, Jason Page and Aaron Head for stepping up and sharing the various pathways to post-high school education with our sixth graders.

8th Grade Programming

3C's (College, Careers and Cash)

Thank you to 8th grade teachers TJ Somers, Nick Streicher and Damien Brandon who delivered our 3Cs lesson plans, College, Careers and Cash. This class is designed to introduce students to the wide range of career possibilities. Our goal after teaching this course is for students to understand their desire or aptitude to work with either data, people or things.

A Career Cluster inventory is completed by every student and this process generates career possibilities based on each student’s unique strengths. A wrap up highlight is the Reality Check exercise which allows students to select a career and navigate life with the corresponding income. Student are always surprised to learn the costs associated with adulting!


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