This is the crazy horse monument located in South Dakota. The crazy horse monument is a 87 foot tall sculpture of a mythical hero. This sculpture is one of the well known monuments that lots of people go to see.

This isn't well known to South Dakota, but it is just a valley I found to show you how beautiful some parts of South Dakota are. This is just one of them, but there are oats of other amazing places like this.

Now this is very well known. Is is just a part of the city Pierre which is the states main city. It is a pretty popular state and the population is almost 14,000. And that is huge for just one little city with planes surrounding it.

Now, this is probably the most popular monument in South Dakota. It is mt rushmore and it has Washington, Thomas, Theodore, and Aberham on it. Most people don't know this, but there's a sceceret room that is called the hall of records and I wouldn't be supprized if you searched what that was. In all these places are very facanating and I would recommend getting a little deeper in these topics.

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