Connecticut Founded 1636 Kaitlyn Nash

Thomas Hooker led the colonists to Connecticut. Thomas believed colonists shouldn't be persecuted for their religious practices. He established the new colony with about 100 colonists who shared his views. Due to Thomas's practices ,Massachusetts banished him from the colony.

The Puritans took over the colonial Connecticut. Since the Puritans left for religious freedom, the Anglican Church was to purify the Church of Corruption. Connecticut followed laws that came from the bible, known as the Blue Laws.

The New England colonies were the coldest of the 13 colonies. Winters were long and cold while summers were short and hot. Connecticut had rocky soil and wooded areas which made farming difficult.

Connecticut had many jobs that included manual workers, servants, apprentices, sailors, hired hands and semi-skilled tradesmen. Fishing, whaling, and shipbuilding were big in Connecticut because of the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic Ocean also made Connecticut a big port for goods.



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