The Qualities of My Culture

My definition of Cultural Identity is where one person comes from, their race and qualities that make them that person, that culture.

The ethnicity i identify the most is Hispanics.

My people are from El Salvador and Mexico. My mom who was born in El Salvador and she came from the state of La Paz. My dad was born in Mexico and he came from the state, Baja California.

The traditional language my people speak is Spanish (espanol). Both languages are the same but there accents are different.

To my knowledge there are no physical traits that "our people" share.

For Mexicans some of the food over there are

For Salvadorians the food over there are

Tamales comes from both Salvador and Mexico.

Both of my races do artwork such as handicrafts and many paintings. Here are some examples

For music Mexico has Mariachi and for Salvador they have Cumbia.


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