Branches of Government By Zach stickley

What are the Branches of American Government and their Responsibilities?

The Executive branch of the government makes Laws official, enforces laws, creates budget, commands military, vetoes bills, and makes foreign policies.

The Judicial branch of the government interprets laws, settels state disputes, settles legal disputes, decides if something is constitutional, and punishes lawbreakers.

The legislative branch of the government creates laws, declares war, approves treaties, approves budgets, and can impeach the president.

Draw/illustrate how the 3 Branches’ Power is Distributed:

Summarize the purpose of “Checks and Balances” in the US Government:

“Checks and balances” is a very important part of the U.S. government. “Checks and balances” is a way for the three branches of our government to make sure each other do not get too much power. Each branch checks the other two branches to make sure there is equal power. An example of ¨Checks and balances¨ is a bill is created by the Legislative branch and it then goes to the president or the Executive branch. The president then determines whether he will sign off on the bill. If he/she says no the bill can go to the Judicial branch and get voted in or denied. Another example is the Supreme Court can check Congress by saying a law unconstitutional. This power is balanced by the fact that the Supreme Court are appointed by the president.

Which parts of the United States Government do you find to be most confusing or difficult to understand? Why?

The part of the United States government that I find most confusing is why can laws be passed if everybody does not agree that it is good for our country. I don't understand why if the president or other officials say no to a bill the bill can still become a law if there are enough votes. I don't understand that part of the government because I thought every official involved with laws had to agree on the law being made.


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