Gaper Day The Beginning of April brings the fools out for gaper day

Skiers and Snowboarders have had a natural feud for years but out of that feud "Gaper Day" was created. The origins of Gaper Day are suggested to have started in the early 1990's in Breckenridge, Colorado as a few snowboarders dressed up to make fun of skiers. That teasing gesture has evolved into a day were both skiers and snowboarders celebrate all that the mountain and it's slopes have to offer.

A spot for boards and skis are filled as many adventurist decide to party instead of hitting the slopes.

Mountain goers who arrived at 8:30 a.m. had to park 3 miles away from the closest ski lift and wait in lines averaging 30 mins just to get a ride to participate in Gaper Day.

Skiers decide to walk 3 miles to the nearest lift instead of wait in lines that averaged 30 mins for a shuttle.
Many costumes were themed with neon colors that resembled 80" ski attire.

On-goers dressed in crazy and colorful costumes enjoy life while they head towards the ski lift.

Local colleges, such as Colorado University, were well represented as they are one of the closer colleges to A-Basin ski resort.
Alcohol on the "beach of the mountain" seemed to be the common element as to where the people involved were centered around.
Both a snowboarder and skier celebrate the occasion by sending a champagne cork into the air.
Skiers and Snowboarders celebrate Gaper Day at A-Basin ski resort by being involved in a beach themed party.

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