Year 8 Electrial circuits By Amy field

Conductors and insulators

Conductors- conduct electricity

Insulators- don't conduct electricity

Copper- a very good conductor of electricity

Metals are conductors of electricity these are the best

Insulators- don't conduct electricity

Rubber is one of the best insulators

Circuit diagrams

Symbols: ammeter, battery, switch, bulb, voltmeter, resistor
The top two are series circuits and the bottom two are parallel

Electrical current

Is the flow of charge. Electric charge is measured in coulombs (C). It can't be used up. Coulombs are measured using an ammeter in a series circuit. Current flows from positive to negative

Voltage/potential difference

Is measured in Volts (V). It is measured using a voltmeter in parallel.


Resistance is measured in ohms. The higher the resistance longer and thinner wires. Higher resistance means lower current

Electrical safety

  • Don't put your hands In a socket
  • Make sure the socket is switched off when not in use

Wiring a plug

Neutral-blue- goes to neutral pin

Earth wire-green and yellow- goes to earth pin

Live wire- brown- goes to live pin and fuse

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