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About us

JOHNSEN GROUP consults & connect innovative and strong concept, products and brands to new markets and business partners. We have more than 30 years of accumulated international business experience and work with a strong global network, partnerships and visionary experts. We are working within B2C & B2B, Franchising, Training, Trading & Development. We work across organisations and with a wide network across industries world wide.

The agricultural division

The agricultural division of Johnsen Group got the exclusive rights to work with some of the biggest and the best producers within broiler feed, bedding, water cleaning and leading experts within broiler & agriculture knowledge. Within broiler feed we have the ONLY one in the market with a perfect and natural pre-mixed feed for broilers.

We got access to the latest knowledge about the nutritional content of the raw materials and the needs of the animals, such as clean water and best bedding; all in line with the breeding work, changes constantly.

Local training & Knowledge sharing.

On top of this we also support with local training and knowledge sharing. At Johnsen Group we can facilitate everything from building a chicken farm, supply the chicken feed, bedding, ventilation, production computer system, a clean house environment and train the local farm staff with know how.

CleanShield 100% natural products

Johnsen Group got the exclusive right of CleanShield disinfection products. 100% natural based Virus & Bacteria protection.

Virus & Bacteria protection

Core areas of JOHNSEN GROUP

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Areas with focus on increasing their chicken production

At Johnsen Group we would like to be part of the African & Middle East development. These are the general comments from USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) in the U.S.

"..The majority of the countries in Africa & Middle East can not keep up with local demands for fresh chicken meat.."
"..Deadliness is always above +10% and in some countries we have seen +50%. Very hard to control the diseases in the stables.."

A huge growth in population

By 2050 around 2.2 billion people could be added to the global population and more than half of that growth will occur in Africa. The huge growth in population also puts pressure on natural resources and production of food in each country.

Be self-sufficient

Most of the countries in Africa and Middle East wants to be self-sufficient as much as possible with especially poultry. This requires a lot of investments, knowledge and agriculture commodities like wheat, corn, soy-meal etc. With the pre-mixed broiler feed, water cleaner and bedding from Johnsen Group this is no longer a problem to grow the broiler industry.

Every detail is important for a good production
Johnsen Group can assist with all the necessary know-how to increase the chicken production

At Johnsen Group we can assist with all the necessary know-how and the best organic chicken feed, bedding and water cleaner. It is very important that countries are scaling up chicken production at once in the best and most efficient way to be able to follow the demand.

Even and reliable production

It is only possible to keep up with the demand, IF the production is done correctly under the controlled conditions. This will result in an even and reliable production of broilers and eggs.

+100 years of knowledge in agriculture and farming.
..help each country to come closer to its goal as a self-sufficient supplier.

By getting the sufficient support and investment from governments, corporations and private investors, Johnsen Group can help each country to come closer to its gold as a self-sufficient supplier. This will be done through our +100 years of knowledge in agriculture and farming.

Jobs will be created

By increasing the investment in chicken production, it will also have other positive side effects for a country. Jobs will be created to build the farms, slaughterhouses, maintenance, which will create spending power and tax income for the governments.

All in all it is a win win situation for the countries and the population.

Knowledge sharing


Breed: Ross 308 (in DK)

Production time 32-35 days (e.g. Cameroun the use 54-56 days)

8 - 8.5 Batches yearly per house (in DK)

450-500.000 chickens per year per house

Gross 2,200 grams of chicken (The weight of the chicken, can easily be reduced or increased as the farmer wish)

3% deadliness (average)

1.5 kg feed per 1 kg meat (average)

114 mio broilers are produced per year by 185 farmes in DK

20.000 - 55.000 broilers per house in DK


Bedding are packed in large 850 kg. pallets to save the farmer time and no limits in quantity (1000 sqm in 20 min)

Normal use only spread 1 cm thickness

Heavy pad scorch reducing e.g. with 30% less

100% dust free

Highly absorbent

Low PH value = low grow of bacteria

CleanShield Desinfectant

100% natural disinfection of the water - no chemicals

Treatment for broiler Drinking Water

Mortality rate falles (e.g. from 6.95% to 2.41%.)

Has a broad-spectrum anti-microbial activity, which works against bacteria, (gram positive and gram negative) and viruses

Non-toxic and non corrosive

Allowing the bird to reach its maximum genetic potential.

JOHNSEN GROUP, will together with you set new standards in the broiler industry

By using the knowledge, know-how and products from JOHNSEN GROUP, we will together set new standards in the broiler industry. The success is a combination of the correct feed, clean water, correct ventilation and best bedding.

About the local production


About the local production

For us to get the best possible overview, we need some basic questions regarding the local production and conditions.

Can we test our feed, water cleaner and bedding in an existing chicken farm? (Preferable two houses on the same farm)

Numbers of chickens to test?

What type of breed are used?

How many batches are produced per year per farm or house?

How many production days for a chicken?

What is the gross weight when slaughtered?

How many kg of feed does a chicken eat in the days of living?

What country does the egg comes from?

What kind of chicken feed are used today?

Are all ingredients produced locally or imported?

If ingredients are imported; then from where?

What is the size of a chicken farm (Sqm. or amount of chickens)

Do the government subsidies chicken feed or anything related to production?

What is the local wholesale price per kg chicken?


What type of bedding are being used today?

Approx. what is the thickness of cm of the layer of bedding used today?

What is the % damaged or dead chicken per batch?


The "One point of entry" & Turn Key Solution
Consulted by setup with Danish products in South Africa
  • The House
  • Ventilation
  • Water & feed system
  • Production control system
  • Feed
  • Bedding
  • Organic cleaning for inventory and water.
  • Expert Know-how


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