Foam Cakes By:elizabeth hill

Foam cake definition- A cake with little to no fat in them such a oil, butter or shorting. they are leveled many by the air in the egg whites that is in them. they might have shorting in them like a butter cake or they could have baking soda in them or another leaving agent.
In this cake there is no fat and not often leavening agents.
There is no egg yolk only egg whites that's why the cake is white.
The mixer method used for this is mixing foam cakes
In a mixer combine egg whites water and cream of tarter.
slowly sift the sugar into the mixture and keep mixing when all the sugar is in fold your mixture so every thing is mixed in well
The angel food cake recipe (click on the button below ) is from Alton Brown it has a bit of orange in it and it is not at all complected and is easy to follow and fast to make


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