Toolbox Reflection By: William Porter


Wrenches can come in various sizes, and for good reason. The different sizes in a set of wrenches represent the various sources used within an essay. These sources each play a role in progressing an essay. The sources can be either subtle or significant, just like the various large and small sizes of wrenches in a set.


Clamps are like those to hold something in place while working on another section of what is being worked on. Like in an essay, the clamps symbolize the main idea of a paragraph. While the information within each paragraph is being revised, the objective is still a constant. These paragraphs are held together by the clamps that keep the main idea in place.


Sledgehammers can sometimes be the largest tool for any project. Because sledgehammers are so large in size and force, a sledgehammer signifies the ethos in an essay. Just like the sledgehammer can deal the biggest impact on what it is striking, ethos is the most crucial element in writing. The writer will want to establish credibility in the biggest way possible.


Scissors are mostly used for cutting off excess material in whatever is being cut. The same can go for an essay. For a paragraph or idea to progress the main idea of an essay, the information within the writing needs to support the main idea and make sense to the reader. The scissors can take away information that does not support the idea of a paragraph or the overall essay itself.


Glue represents how the entire essay fits together and makes sense to the reader. Length and content within an essay are important to have an even flow. And like glue, you need to have the right amount of everything to have the essay make sense. Too much information and the essay will not make sense to the reader. Not enough information and the essay will not come together.


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