Iceberg Theory

The trees in this photo from a vacation I took in 2013 represent the iceberg theory that applies to my life. The part that you see (the tree trunk and Palm leaves) represents the personality that I present to many people and the life I let many people see. The roots of the tree represent the things in my life that I keep hidden that may not be okay enough to share with the rest of the world. The part I keep hidden is much like the unconscious mind, and has many of the same characteristics such as unpleasant or unnacceptable , just like anyone else would keep a piece of their life secret.

Id, Ego, and Superego

In this embarrassing middle-school photo, my friend seems to have an Id and a super ego. To the right is me, the ego telling her that she should at that moment just sleep and not worry about anything. To the left, her superego is telling her she should freak out about every little thing going on in her life! However, the ego in the middle decides that all she can do is just enjoy life and live the best of both worlds. This can relate to me and my journey through life. I always have the id and the superego telling me to do both of those opposite actions, but in the end I have learned to just go through life with ease and focus on my ego, even though it might go through lots of anxiety trying to compromise.

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