Racial Profiling By Kara Rondinelli

photo from http://www.thejuryexpert.com/2009/01/ethical-issues-in-racial-profiling/

Title of article:

Racial profiling has destroyed public trust in police. Cops are exploiting our weak laws against it.


Ranjana Natarajan


The #BlackLivesMatter movement has sparked nationwide protests and has raised awareness worldwide about the unequal treatment of black people by police in the United States."

The type of lead the author used was a summary lead.

My Lead:

Racial profiling is a nation wide problem that is affecting the trust of police in certain cities of the United States.

The type of lead I used was single-sentence lead.

Photo from https://action.aclu.org/secure/DOJ-racial-profiling


People of color and the police.


People are losing trust in the police because they're racial profiling people of color and treating them unjustly.


This is a current issue that is happening right now.


In cities or towns such as Seattle, New Orleans, Portland, Newark, Albuquerque, and others.


Because there are no laws prohibiting racial profiling by law enforcement in many states as well as little oversight of police officers


We need to make DEFINITIVE anti-profiling laws and policies, train officers to eliminate bias, and develop accountablility systems.

Photo from http://www.usaonrace.com/department/stereotypes-labels0b08.html?page=9


With these efforts, police departments across the country can rebuild public trust and ensure that policing methods reinforce rather than undermine our democratic values."

The type of conclusion the author used is a point forward conclusion.

My Conclusion:

Although racial profiling is a problem, we can overcome it by making anti-profiling laws and policies, train officers to eliminate bias, and develop accountablility systems, and overtime this problem will something of the past.

The type of conclusion I used is a pleasant aftertaste conclusion.

Article from Washington Post: https://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2014/12/15/racial-profiling-has-destroyed-public-trust-in-police-cops-are-exploiting-our-weak-laws-against-it/?utm_term=.3a49998e951f

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